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When making a purchase decision, consumers have only a few ways to judge the quality of baked goods. They can only decide based on the appearance, volume and crust color and by reading the label ingredients. 

Baking enzymes are natural processing aids that can help optimize appearance. 

First impressions count

In the store, consumers look for bread and biscuits with a rich golden-color and good structural integrity. This can be particularly difficult to achieve in frozen pre- and par-baked products that are baked twice and lose moisture.  Baking enzymes convert starch into glucose, which feeds the yeast and gives the bread better volume and crust color, with shorter baking times and thereby less moisture loss. 

In biscuits, crackers, wafers and cookies, consumers look for a consistent shape. By weakening gluten, baking enzymes let producers use a wider variety of flours, and improve dough properties as well as the sensory attributes of the final products. Enzymes let producers tackle topics like: brittle consistency, uneven shape and imprinting. 

Your solutions for appealing appearance

Crust-crumb separation, color and loss of moisture in bread and rolls are some of the major challenges in the baking industry. The problems are particularly difficult in pre- and par-baked products, which are heated twice. Novozymes GoldCrust® is an enzymatic solution that releases glucose and stimulates yeast, giving significant appearance improving benefits. 


  • Better crust color and volume
  • Shorter baking time
  • Less crust-crumb separation and moisture loss in frozen pre- and par-baked products

Novozymes AMG® let’s you generate glucose, supporting the Maillard reaction. Because AMG® produces the desired crust color quickly, baking times can be optimized, resulting in less crust-crumb separation and increased crumb moisture. 


  • Enhances crust color
  • Allows to optimize baking times
  • Boosts yeast
  • Version available for production of organic baked goods

Biscuits, crackers, wafers and cookies require weaker protein to accurately shape and imprint the final product. Novozymes Shapeit® & Neutrase® efficiently weaken gluten, resulting in high-quality, consistent biscuits that are easy to pack. 


  • Softer gluten structure, increased dough extensibility and machinability
  • Good dough-imprinting characteristics, uniform product shape
  • More flexibility in choice of flour
  • Improved mouthfeel and product texture
  • Version available for production of organic baked goods

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