Taste and feel the difference

Novozymes Sensea® gives artisanal quality at industrial scale. Sensea® gives baked goods initial softness, a moister mouthfeel, better melting, and greater dough strength. Sensea® reduces food waste and the need for emulsifiers. 


Sensea® can be used with bread, buns, rolls and lean sweet baked goods in both the artisanal and packaged/industrial segments. 

Sensea® gives initial freshness; using Sensea® together with Novamyl® extends the fresh quality even longer. 

As natural processing aids, these baking enzymes support you in meeting consumer demands for clean label products.

A flexible family of solutions

Sensea® is part of Novozymes’ range of freshness solutions. Learn more about Novamyl® for a wide range of baked goods, and Opticake® for cakes and muffins. 

An innovative freshness tool developed specifically for wheat flour tortilla manufacturers, Sensea® Wrap provides exceptional sensory qualities, maintains softness and flexibility throughout shelf life, and helps optimize costs and production.

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