Latest bacterial xylanase

Panzea® gives you efficient, versatile performance across a broad range of bread products, baking conditions and flour types. Whereas most xylanases are affected by inhibitors commonly found in wheat, Panzea®  isn't. 

All-in-one product

Novozymes Panzea® is a new generation of xylanase that improves the volume of baked goods, along with appearance and texture. It also delivers a dry, stable dough for easy handling. All this in a single product. 

Panzea® has a high tolerance for variations in flour and processes. It's easy to formulate into flour, improvers or premixes.

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A range of solutions for dough conditioning

Panzea® is part of Novozymes' state-of-the-art baking enzyme portfolio for dough conditioning, designed to help your business grow on a solid foundation.

Our xylanases also include Novozymes Pentopan®  Mono and Celluclast®  . They improve dough tolerance and machinability, dough handling, finished product volume, and product appearance such as crumb structure and bloom.

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