There’s something truly satisfying about rewarding yourself with a cold beer after a hard day’s work.

But how can we make that beer and the brewing process more satisfying for the beer producers themselves?

Quality plus profitability

Something good is brewing

Brewers are challenged to brew great-tasting beers, optimize production and pursue growth. How is it possible to do all three? Novozymes enzymes help brewers achieve consistently high quality, profitability and sustainability.

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Black-birch-sap beer?

Brewing beer has a long history, and until recently has always used local raw materials. In the early days, South Americans used sweet potatoes to brew beer. Japanese used rice, and Native Americans used black birch sap. 

Today, brewers are returning to the tradition of using local raw materials. To produce exciting new beers to meet local tastes, they’re choosing to brew with enzymes, which are natural catalysts that speed up critical steps in the brewing process.

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Your solutions for innovative brewing

Simplify the use of high-gelatinizing adjuncts to reduce costs and add features. These include corn, rice, sorghum or cassava. 
Novozymes Ceremix® makes it possible to avoid the cereal-cooking step, using only classical infusion mashing for these high-gelatinizing adjuncts.


  • Simpler process
  • Flexibility in raw materials
  • Lets you adapt easily to changes in crop quality
  • Saves energy

Cut operational costs and increase yield, quality and process efficiency, compared to standard barley solutions. Novozymes Ondea Pro lets you use barley of various grades, levelling out differences in barley quality to increase raw material flexibility. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by using local raw materials.


  • Raw material cost savings
  • Consistent beer taste and quality
  • High extract yield and process efficiency

This family of heat-stable amylases offers easy and consistent liquefaction at high temperatures, preserving the full malt enzyme potential for the main mashing process. It offers faster viscosity break through boosted liquefaction power without the risk of negative process or quality impacts through retrograded starch.


  • Higher extract yield
  • Shorter cereal cooking cycles
  • Greater flexibility to change adjunct ratios
  • Reduced risk of haze in final beer

Reduce beer and wort viscosity with Novozymes Ultraflo®. This helps to boost brew house efficiency, increase extract yields, achieve a faster filtration, and minimize process fluctuations. Enjoy optimal and consistent mash separation and longer beer filtration cycles with any malt quality, even with recipes that are high in barley.

Benefits of Ultraflo®

  • Minimal fluctuation in the brewing process
  • Consistently fast wort separation
  • High-gravity brewing

Tightly control wort attenuation regardless of fluctuations in raw material quality or brew house performance with Novozymes Attenuzyme saccharification enzymes. The Attenuzyme range can also cost-effectively produce light or low-calorie beers.


  • Can shorten mashing time and lower enzyme dosage
  • Produces highly-attenuated wort for light and low-calorie beers
  • Consistently controls attenuation, regardless of raw material variability or process functions

Novozymes Maturex® makes it easier to cope with seasonal fluctuations in beer sales, helps with higher capacity utilization and allows for lower energy consumption. Reduce maturation time by 2-14 days and avoid the formation of diacetyl off-flavors in beer with Maturex.


  • Prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in beer
  • Shorter maturation time leading up to higher-capacity utilization
  • Leaner process conditions for low-alcohol beers

To ensure good fermentation performance, yeast needs sufficient FAN, which produces acceptable and reproducible beer quality. Off-flavors can result from inadequate FAN levels and yeast stress, particularly in recipes high in adjuncts. Novozymes FAN Boost™ helps.


  • Stable fermentations
  • No need for protein rest, saves time and energy
  • Enables high adjunct inclusion
  • No negative impact on foam stability
  • Enhanced flavor stability by avoiding LOX working temperature

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