Low-allergenic protein hydrolysates

Studies show that a large proportion of the world’s infants show symptoms suggesting adverse reactions to cow milk proteins. Protein hydrolysates that reduce allergy are important for these babies to thrive. Partially hydrolyzed infant formula can help.

Halal market opportunity  

The global demand for hydrolyzed proteins is increasing.  Especially Kosher and Halal markets are looking for non-porcine-based solutions. 

Market analysts agree that the Halal food market will grow significantly in upcoming years. Growth estimates range from $1.6 trillion to $2.55 trillion by 2024


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Peptide profiles with unique functionalities

For production of low-allergenic infant food, Novozymes offers two microbial proteases, Formea™ TL and Formea™ CTL, a trypsin-like and a chymotrypsin-like protease respectively. Both eliminate the risk of animal contamination and variation, giving you consistent quality. Each can be used alone or in combination, giving you full control to develop peptide profiles with unique functionalities. 

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