Cheese flavors faster with enzymes

Cheese flavors faster with enzymes

Distinctive cheese flavors

By adjusting enzyme dosage, process time and conditions, you can produce a wide range of distinct cheese flavours for different applications. Lipases, for example, are responsible for characteristic fatty acid flavors, and different proteases ensure different savory tastes.

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A variety of textures

With enzymes, you can produce cheese flavorings suitable for products with a variety of textures, including cheese flavorings for pastes, powders, snack foods, ready-made meals, sauces, biscuits, or other products without the characteristic cheese texture.

The efficiency your business needs

Novozymes enzymes and expertise enable you to make natural cheese-based ingredients with intense, high-quality flavor in mere hours. The result is exactly the cheese flavors you want with exactly the efficiency your business needs.

Your solutions for cheese flavors

Novozymes Alcalase® is used for a broad variety of applications, including hydrolysates from dairy proteins. Alcalase® is a broad-spectrum endo-protease with high activity from mildly acidic to alkaline pH ranges.

Novozymes Neutrase® is used for a broad variety of applications, including hydrolysis of dairy proteins for flavor generation. Novozymes Neutrase® is a broad-spectrum endo-protease with high activity at neutral pH ranges.

Novozymes Flavourzyme® is a unique enzyme combination of endo- and exo-peptidases providing deep hydrolysis of dairy proteins to generate high-quality cheese flavors. Used alone, it can hydrolyze protein to generate savory flavors from a variety of substrates. When more extensive hydrolysis is needed Flavourzyme® can be used in combination with Alcalase® to generate even more intense flavors.


Palatase® is a lipase which hydrolyses dairy fats to form the free fatty acids characteristic for ripe cheeses especially from goat’s and ewe’s milk.

Novozymes Protana® Prime is a unique exo-peptidase blend releasing free amino acids from proteins. Applied in high dosages in combination with Alcalase® an unsurpassed deep hydrolysis of proteins is obtained.

The full savory potential is captured when used together with Protana® UBoost which transforms glutamine with limited taste into umami tasting glutamic acid.

Novozymes Protana® UBoost is a cost-effective glutaminase which converts glutamine into glutamic acid. While glutamine has little taste, glutamic acid is a strong flavor enhancer. Together with smaller peptides glutamic acid constitute the natural umami flavor of protein hydrolysates.

The full savory potential is captured when used together with Protana® Prime and Alcalase® or Flavourzyme® which break proteins up into free amino acids and smaller peptides.

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