Meat protein extracts/hydrolysed animal proteins

Meat protein extracts/hydrolysed animal proteins

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Tailored solutions to meet your needs

Some enzymes are designed to increase yield and reduce sediment during liquefaction. Others provide maximum hydrolysis and enhance flavor. Every Novozymes solution is tailored to deliver extracts with natural, long-lasting flavor and enhanced umami, to fulfill the goals you have for what you want your meat protein extract to achieve, and what product and process challenges you face.

Your solutions for hydrolyzed animal proteins

Enzymes increase yield of the meat extract with minimal bitterness, and some enhances the flavor and yield of the final product.

Novozymes Flavourzyme® is a unique enzyme combination of endo- and exo-peptidases providing deep hydrolysis of meat proteins to generate high-quality meat flavors (meat protein extracts, MPE). Used alone, it can hydrolyze protein to generate savory flavors from a variety of substrates. When more extensive hydrolysis is needed Flavourzyme® can be used in combination with Alcalase® to generate even more intense flavors.


Novozymes Protana® UBoost is a cost-effective glutaminase which converts glutamine into glutamic acid. While glutamine has little taste, glutamic acid is a strong flavor enhancer. Together with smaller peptides glutamic acid constitute the natural umami flavor of protein hydrolysates.

The full savory potential is captured when used together with Protana® Prime and Alcalase® or Flavourzyme® which break proteins up into free amino acids and smaller peptides.

Novozymes Protana® Prime is a unique exo-peptidase blend releasing free amino acids from proteins. Applied in high dosages in combination with Alcalase® an unsurpassed deep hydrolysis of proteins is obtained.

The full savory potential is captured when used together with Protana® UBoost which transforms glutamine with limited taste into umami tasting glutamic acid.



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