Value beyond saccharification

Novozymes Extenda® is an unmatched glucoamylase blend that offers different ways to cut your starch conversion costs. Increase dry solids and energy savings in saccharification.

Unmatched performance

Extenda® Peak 1.5 Extra for saccharification offers unmatched performance. Formulated to deliver the highest possible dextrose and lowest possible DP2 levels, Extenda® Peak 1.5 Extra allows producers of ultra-high purity sweeteners — including crystalline dextrose, crystalline fructose and D98 syrup — to bring conversion costs lower than ever before. Choose from raw material savings of up to 3%, evaporation savings of up to $1.4/MT, seasonal saccharification capacity increases of up to 17%, or the ability to produce more high-value products than ever before from the same raw material input. All with no additional capital investment.

  • Lower cost of conversion than ever before for ultra-high purity sweeteners

Value beyond saccharification

Extenda® Go 2 Extra for saccharification is a unique new glucoamylase blend. Formulated to deliver more DP1 and less DP2 — isomaltose in particular — than conventional glucoamylases. Extenda® Go 2 Extra allows producers of starch-based sweeteners to cut their conversion costs. Choose from raw material savings of up to 0.3%, dose reductions of up to 15%, evaporation savings of up to 90¢/MT, or seasonal saccharification capacity increases of up to 7%. Again with no capital investment.

  • • Value beyond saccharification
  • • More DP1, less DP2 especially isomaltose, than any other glucoamylase

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