Save time, energy and money

With Frontia® Fiberwash for corn wet milling, you can save time, energy and money by significantly improving fiber dewatering under your current process conditions. Drop in the technology today, see the benefits tomorrow.


Try the Frontia® Fiberwash savings calculator to estimate the energy and utility savings you can achieve for your mill.

Turn down your utilities, to hit your KPI.

Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash enables you to significantly reduce energy consumption, which is better for your bottom line and the planet.


utilities saving for co-product drying

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Boost separation efficiency

Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash can also be used with an added incubation step for the highest-ever starch and gluten outputs, in addition to significantly better fiber dewatering. With an added incubation step, Frontia® Fiberwash releases the starch, protein and water trapped deep in corn fibers that are inaccessible through mechanical separation alone. By boosting separation efficiency, Frontia® Fiberwash lowers your Net Corn Cost. There are many ways to add the incubation step that lets the enzyme deliver the full benefit.

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