Consistent productivity

What is isomerization?

Production of fructose syrup requires converting glucose into a mixture of glucose and fructose by running the glucose syrup through a bed of immobilized glucose isomerase enzyme. 

With Novozymes’ high-quality glucose isomerase, you can achieve consistently high productivity and low cost of conversion. 

High-productivity production 

How can enzymes help?

When producing sweeteners such as high fructose syrup or crystalline fructose, challenges can include big variations in productivity, a need to run high magnesium levels, and the time-consuming task of loading/unloading isomerization columns. 

With Novozymes Sweetzyme®, a high-quality glucose isomerase, you can achieve continuous operation, a column lifetime of 200-400 days, a high average flow rate, and low cost of conversion.

Consistent, effective conversion

Our solutions for isomerization

Novozymes Sweetzyme® is an excellent match for common industrial equipment and process conditions. 

  • Continuous operation – convenience and low formation of by-products
  • High productivity – column lifetime up to 200-400 days
  • Low cost of conversion – up to 18,000 kg fructose per kg Sweetzyme®
  • High average flow rate – minimizing column output variation


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