Improve your process

Improve your process in a wide variety of conditions with Novozymes Liquozyme® and Termamyl®, which are part of Novozymes’ range of six different alpha-amylases to optimize starch liquefaction in a wide variety of processing conditions.

Improve cost, quality and efficiency

Whether the end product is high fructose syrup, dextrose, maltose, maltodextrin or polyols, the process starts with an alpha-amylase that can be applied under a wide range of conditions.

The key features of Novozymes’ starch liquefaction product range:

• Efficient Dextrose Equivalent development – when high DE development in a short time is a key parameter
• High dextrose yield – with minimal by-product formation
• Fast viscosity reduction – enabling high dry substance levels
• Low color formation – reducing refinery costs
• Savings on chemicals and ion exchange costs by eliminating calcium addition  

starch liquefaction

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