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Increase your raw material flexibility, and make your setup simpler and less expensive by leveraging our experience from working with vegetable oil processors all over the world.

Add our technical experts to your team and base your business cases on the latest enzyme-performance data. We’re ready to help you boost productivity while protecting the planet’s resources.

Increasing yield

Beat low margins

Staying competitive in the vegetable oil processing industry means you have to constantly optimize your processes, reduce costs and extract maximum value from your feedstock. As an example, you can get up to 1.5% more yield by improving the refining process. “Every improvement counts,” says Eduardo Meneghetti, a customer solutions specialist at Novozymes.

Standard oil quality in Brazil typically generates 4.5% gums.Together we can get that down to 2.0%, bearing in mind the process will also generate 1.5% of Fatty acid distillate. 

When you improve the degumming process you also increase the value of by-products. That can help improve margin in a tight market, says Meneghetti.

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Draw a better line to a range of benefits


Higher yields, lower costs in degumming

Enzymatic degumming is a well-established industrial process in vegetable oil refining. It gives higher yields and significant cost savings, and it’s easier on the environment. Enzymatic degumming converts gums into water-soluble lysolecithin. After a one-step centrifugation stage, lysolecithin is removed with the wastewater.


The right start

It's essential that infant milk formula has the right nutritional value. This helps explain the growing push to make milk formula composition as close to breast milk as possible. OPO or SOS is an ingredient in infant milk formula that mimics the composition and structure of breast milk fat. OPO is produced by enzymatic esterification.


Purer fish oils

Omega-3 is a type of fat with a number of benefits for human health.  Along with certain plant and nut oils, fish oils are a key source of omega-3. Fish oils processed with enzymes rather than chemicals have higher purity and fewer by-products than those processed with chemicals. Enzymes also create new products with differing EPA & DHA ratios, which are important types of omega-3 with different roles and actions in the body.



Oleochemicals and fish oils

Enzymes improve oil processing naturally 

Our enzymes are effective on oleochemicals, modified fish oils and other specialty oils, and specialty esters and fatty acids for the cosmetics industry. 

Novozymes Eversa®

Take control of your feedstock costs. Enzymatic biodiesel using Novozymes Eversa® works on a range of feestocks, so you can always switch to the lowest-cost feedstock.


  • Feedstock flexibility
  • Lower energy and methanol costs
  • Increased safety
  • High-quality glycerin

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Novozymes Quara®

Gain oil yield and consistently meet your end-product specifications for phosphorous levels with Novozymes Quara® LowP. A new premium enzyme for full degumming of vegetable oils, Quara® LowP has high enzyme activity on phospholipids. 


  • Effectively releases more neutral oil and free fatty acids (FFA)
  • Reduces chemical use and the formation of undesirable low value by-products like gums and soap.
  • Produces impressive yield gains

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Novozymes Lecitase® Ultra

Just a three-hour incubation time is enough to increase your profits with Novozymes Lecitase® Ultra. The enzymatic process requires only simple treatment tanks and a separator. 


  • Extracts more of the oil from the gums produced during water degumming for higher yields
  • Reduces viscosity
  • Reduces protein dilution of protein
  • Reduces need for drying meal

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Novozymes Lipozyme® TL IM

Produce high-quality margarines free of trans fats with appropriate shelf life, the correct color and melting properties. This lipase interestifies fat through a simple continuous process.


  • Higher-quality end-product
  • Cost-efficient
  • No chemicals, washing, bleaching or wastewater


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Novozymes Lipozyme® 435 

Boost Omega-3 in lipid products like fish oil using Novozymes Lipozyme® 435. This nonspecific, lipase with activity against a broad range of fatty acids is also useful for ester production, acidolysis and the generation of Omega-3-boosted lipid products. 


  • Carries out reactions at mild temperatures
  • Limits the destruction of heat-labile components
  • Preserves natural color with very few by-products. 
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