What is CombiPolish®?

Novozymes CombiPolish® is an award-winning, patented one-step biopolishing process that saves knitting mills 15% water and 15% time. 

Biopolishing is an environmentally-friendly process that uses enzymes to extend the lifetime of cotton knits and other popular fabrics. By using the biopolishing process, mills or laundries can produce cotton knits that last at least 20% longer.

How it works

In the biopolishing process, enzymes remove protruding fibers from the surface of the fabric, leaving a clean surface. This improves dyeability, and it creates better-quality, longer lasting, more sustainable textiles that are rising in popularity with consumers.

The biopolish effect is permanent - even after 30 washes. 

Knitting mills save 15% water and time with CombiPolish®

Biopolishing can be done in different steps during cotton processing - either in knitting mills or laundries. 

In knitting mills, Novozymes CombiPolish® can be done so that the biopolishing step is combined with bleach-clean up in the dye bath. This easy-to-use process involves a cellulase enzyme specially developed to work at neutral pH and to be compatible with the salts and dyestuff in the dyebath. 

The CombiPolish® process saves approximately 15% of the total water used and 15% of the time for making cotton knits. The process is patented by Novozymes.

See how a mill near Istanbul used CombiPolish® to improve their business. 

Laundries save energy and avoid chemicals  

For biopolishing at laundries, both fabrics and garments, the Novozymes CombiPolish® process lets laundries wash the fabric and garments without additional heating and avoids the use of harsh chemicals. It involves special enzymes that work at low temperatures and neutral pH.  

Recognized by industry experts

The CombiPolish® process has won innovation awards from the Society of Dyers and Colourists, and is recognized as an industry-better practice by both China Knitting Industry Association and the Bangladesh-based NGO Partnership for Cleaner Textiles (PACT). 

A family of solutions for sustainable textiles

Biopolishing can be done in different steps of textile manufacturing process. In addition to Combipolish®, see also biopolishing of garments in laundries, how Novozymes is working on biopolishing of additional fabrics beyond cotton, and the Livelong® concept

For mills and dye houses, Novozymes offers products for biopreparation, a more environmentally-friendly form of scouring / pretreatment. 

For consistent dyeing results every time, Novozymes offers solutions for effective bleach cleanup and desizing.

For more sustainable denim processing, Novozymes offers solutions for denim abrasion, bleaching and finishing

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Cellusoft® LT is a robust enzyme that works at a pH of 5.5-8.0 and at temperatures as low as 30-40°C. Such gentle processing protects fabrics, which lose less weight and strength compared to traditional acid cellulases, and retain the best color and whiteness.

Benefits of Cellusoft®

  • Works at the gentlest processing conditions
  • Low weight and strength loss
  • Can be used before, during and after dyeing


Cellusoft® info sheet

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