Consistent results with Novozymes biopreparation

Mills get consistent, reliable results with our new second-generation enzymatic bioscouring for cotton knits and towels. 

Mills save 67% water, 50% energy and 50% time on pretreatment.
Novozymes Bioprep® is a second-generation product with new more powerful enzymes, a carefully screened wetting agent for robust pretreatment, and a novel application design.

Even dyeing every time. Gentle on the fabric

Biopreparation uses pectinase to remove the pectin and wax from cotton fiber. The process produces fabrics with instant absorbency for an even dyeing result. It works in undyed cotton and in a wide range of colors – from dark to medium shades. A pectin test kit is available for process benchmarking and consistency control.

Due to the gentle process at neutral pH, fabrics that are scoured with enzymes lose less strength and weight than conventionally pretreated fabrics - 0.5% to 1% less weight loss. The textiles maintain cotton’s natural softness and stay soft for longer with no need for chemical softeners.

Two-thirds less water 

By scouring with enzymes instead of conventional pretreatment, mills can go from three baths to one. Mills save two-thirds the water, also energy and time. 

Learn more in this two-minute video.

Don’t take our word for it

Interested in testing in your local conditions? Contact us today to discuss doing a trial. We work with our channel partners to run comparative trials for you so you can judge the benefits of this new solution in your existing set up.
See how Novozymes’ solution have helped a textile mill in China to optimize their production process and making the cotton production more sustainable.
Meet the expert

Pollution solution

Tirupur, one of India's biggest textile hubs, faced a crisis in 2011 after a High Court forced over 750 dyeing units to close production until they could meet environmental regulations. When Novozymes launched a new enzymatic bioscouring process in 2016, these mills quickly adopted it, says Ajay Sanghvi from Novozymes’ Textiles team. 

“Since then, we’ve launched an even more reliable second-generation bioprep solution with proven consistent results.”

With enzymatic scouring, mills produce more in a cleaner way, with less pollution.

Go from three baths to one with BioPrep®

Conventional scouring involves chemical neutralization and thorough rinsing. That's why it accounts for 25% of water used in cotton knit manufacturing. It also needs very high temperatures, leading to high energy spend and requires strong alkaline and bleaching chemicals. These add high chemical loads to mills’ effluent.

Conventional scouring involves a three-bath process. BioPrep® only needs one bath. This saves energy, water and time.

A family of solutions for sustainable textiles 

Biopreparation is just one of the many solutions that Novozymes offers. 

For mills and laundries, Novozymes offers products for biopolishing, a way to produce smoother, softer and stronger fabrics that retain their vibrant colors and high quality, wash after wash after wash.

For consistent dyeing results every time, Novozymes offers solutions for effective bleach cleanup and desizing.

For more sustainable denim processing, Novozymes offers solutions for denim abrasion, bleaching and finishing. 

Learn more about reliable scouring with enzymes

Your cotton mill can save on water, energy and time with BioPrep®. It can also cut the volume and chemical load of its effluent.

Benefits of the Bioprep®

  • Save 67% water
  • Save 50% time
  • Save 50% energy


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