What is bleach clean-up?

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide is a crucial textile manufacturing process. Used for textile pretreatment, the bleaching process helps to whiten textiles by removing undesired colors and getting the textile ready to be dyed in the desired shade.

Unfortunately, some residual bleach is left on the textile once the process is complete. This is removed via a process called bleach clean-up. Bleach clean-up plays a vital role in even dyeing and shade reproducibility. The process is traditionally carried out using a reducing agent or hot water rinsing. In either case, the process involves a lot of water that is eventually wasted. Luckily, enzymes can help cut down on this waste.

How can enzymes help?

Consistent dyeing is vital for textile manufacturing and is directly related to the quality of the end-product. Natural fabrics are often bleached to obtain the best shade, but bleaches like hydrogen peroxide are highly reactive chemicals. Even the smallest traces of bleach can interfere with the dyeing process cause uneven colors on the fabric. That’s why it is essential to remove all hydrogen peroxide before dyeing a textile.

Novozymes Terminox® is an enzymatic solution that is up for the task of bleach clean-up. This unique catalase removes even the smallest traces of bleach by breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, leaving textiles ready for consistent, even batch-to-batch dyeing reproducibility.

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In pre-treatment, Novozymes Terminox® removes hydrogen peroxide faster and more cost-effectively by efficiently breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Benefits of Terminox®

  • Helps avoid patches/uneven color in final product
  • Saves up to three water baths and up to 30 minutes*
  • Prepares for consistent dyeing results
  • Can take place separately or together with biopolishing in the dye bath
  • Available for a variety of temperature and pH ranges.

*Compared to conventional methods such as warm-water rinsing/reducing chemicals


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