A dairy wastewater plant was able to improve settling performance and save $67,400 a year in chemical, disposal and labor costs by use of bioaugmentation program 


  • Improved settling performance 
  • Increased treatment capacity 
  • Lower operating costs 

Production changes at a dairy led to increased FOG levels and severe settling issues such that SV30 values were rarely below 980 ml/L for over 9 months. In order to meet the suspended solids permit, the extensive use of chemical coagulants at the clarifier was required. They had unsuccessfully tried chlorination and later tried neutralizing the influent pH, which resulted in only minimal success. To meet the permit, the clarifier required constant attention from operators. Novozymes was contacted for assistance. 

Fig. 1. System flow diagram. 

Novozymes identified the problem as filamentous bulking and proposed a bioaugmentation program using BioRemove 3200 to degrade fats, oils and grease and improve floc formation. 
Clarifier settling improved immediately and continued to improve over the next few months of the bioaugmentation program. As a result, chemical coagulants usage dropped to near nothing and less manpower was needed to operate the clarifier. Observations through microexams revealed a reduction in filament abundance and an improvement in floc size and density. 

Fig. 2. Microscopic observation on the changes of sludge (at 400X). 
After four months of the program, a significant improvement in BOD removal efficiency was observed. This allowed the plant to begin treatment of a concentrated waste liquor (10% BOD) that had previously been too strong to treat. This material was being disposed of at a cost of $110 per day. 
Novozymes’ biological program was easy to implement and provided significant benefits over other disposal alternatives. The use of BioRemove 3200 improved settling and treatment capacity and allowed for significant cost savings. BioRemove 3200 resulted in:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Simplified operations