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Looking for ways to add freshness to extend the shelf life of your baked goods? Reduce food waste? Would you like to achieve more consistent baking results - despite changes in flour quality? Want ways to improve dough stability and machinability? Make your production more efficient and sustainable?

Novozymes’ baking enzymes help make it happen.
Baking enzymes

Meet consumer expectations

Market trends show rising demand for healthier foods. Consumers want fewer chemicals, less sugar, less acrylamide and cleaner labels. In baked goods, this can include breads that are gluten-free, organic or made with ancient grains. 
At the same time, consumers want luscious sensory quality. Would your business benefit from new tools to make the taste, texture and appearance of baked goods more sensuous, with improved elasticity, mouthfeel and melting? Better loaf volume, crumb structure, crust color and bloom?
Novozymes’ baking enzymes support you in producing new products that appeal to on-the-go consumers who want it all – easy convenience, healthier-for-you, and delicious.


Organic labelling

Novozymes offers a range of baking enzymes that support production of organic baked goods with enticing sensory appeal. 

This range of Novozymes enzymes lets producers achieve high-quality baked goods while building new claims in the growing organic space.

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