Dry balanced dough

Xylanases are known to improve dough machinability and dough-handling properties for bread, buns and rolls. Xylanases produce baked goods with better volume, crumb structure and bloom. 

Novozymes Panzea®  and Pentopan®  are our solutions that offer you a robust, versatile performance. They work across a broad range of bread products, baking conditions and flour types. Moreover, they work well together with other enzymes such as fungal amylases, lipases or freshness amylases. 

How can enzymes help?

The baking process has many factors that can create problems with quality. For example, yeast and sourdough are living cultures affected by temperature and humidity. Wheat flour is a natural ingredient that fluctuates in quality. New harvests, changes in weather or equipment, or less skilled labor also add to the variation. 

Dough conditioners make it easier to achieve consistent baking results. They increase the tolerance against fluctuations significantly. Dough conditioners improve the processing of bread dough in a highly automated environment. They ensure more constant production process and output.  

Your solutions for dough conditioning

This latest bacterial xylanase delivers superior bread volume, appearance and texture. Its robust performance simplifies operations. You no longer need a different xylanase for each baking operation. Novozymes Panzea® is easy to formulate into current solutions.


  • Superior volume improvement
  • Better bread appearance and texture
  • Stable and consistent dough for better machinability
  • High tolerance for flour and process variations


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Novozymes Pentopan® is a fungal xylanase for dough conditioning with a good ratio between cost and performance. 


  • Improved dough machinability and dough handling properties
  • Improved oven spring, higher volume
  • More uniform crumb structure and softness
  • Version available for production of organic baked goods


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Novozymes Celluclast® allows you to effectively produce wholegrain bread by creating superior volume, appearance and texture.

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