Powerful anti-staling amylase

Novozymes Novamyl® is a powerful anti-staling baking freshness enzyme that improves moistness, crumb softness, elasticity and mouthfeel during storage. It can reduce the need for emulsifiers or monoglycerides.

Novamyl® can be used with bread, buns, rolls and lean sweet baked goods in both the artisanal and packaged/industrial segments.

Pure magic 

Wouldn’t it be magic if bread could hold its shape and freshness over time? Behold -The power of enzymes. With Novozymes’ solution – Novamyl® – bread is able to maintain softness, moistness and elasticity-  regardless of being squeezed or pressed. With Novamyl® bread stays fresher for longer. It’s not magic, it’s Novamyl®
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With Novamyl®, bakeries can differentiate on quality and build new brands. It lets bakeries significantly reduce stale returns, improve supply chain efficiencies and margins, and reduce food waste

Novamyl® can even reduce costs per unit at the bakery as a result of greater product- and distribution-efficiencies. 

As a natural processing aid, baking enzymes support you in meeting consumer demands for clean label products.

An innovative α-amylase

Novamyl® is an optimized maltogenic alpha-amylase that boosts freshness-perception. It outperforms in delivering crumb softness, moistness and elasticity. It achieves higher scores for sensory quality and overall eating experience – even after days or weeks of shelf life. 

Novamyl® modifies wheat flour starch in a way that retards starch retrogradation. It can be added to the flour, bread improver or water prior to mixing.

A flexible family of solutions

Novamyl® covers a range of Novozymes’ freshness solutions. 

The newest members of the family are Novamyl® Boost and Novamyl® 3D, a class of optimized maltogenic amylases that outperforms earlier versions. They work particularly well on sensory aspects, moistness and mouthfeel but also on parameter of elasticity. For instance, consumer panels gave Novamyl® 3D higher scores on moistness, tenderness and overall appeal - and higher dosages lead to even higher consumer preference.

Additional freshness solutions include Novozymes Sensea® for packaged and artisanal bread as well as wheat flour tortillas, and Opticake®  for cakes and muffins. 

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