Excellence in cake freshness

The freshness perception is what makes a great packaged cake or muffin. 

Novozymes OptiCake® Excel contains powerful baking enzymes that ensure softer, moister packaged cakes and muffins through shelf life. It also provides up to 10% more volume, a better shape and top, and a more uniform crumb structure that’s less crumbly when sliced. 

OptiCake® Excel

When Novozymes asked 416 consumers in the U.K. and France to evaluate pound cakes after two weeks of storage, nearly three-fourths said they would prefer to purchase those baked with OptiCake® Excel. 

Even after two months of storage, pound cakes baked with OptiCake® Excel achieved top scores in both instrumental and sensory tests.

A complete tool for freshkeeping

OptiCake® Excel gives you a complete tool for making your cakes stand out. Enjoy softer, moister packaged cakes and muffins through shelf life.
As a natural processing aid, baking enzymes support you in meeting consumer demands for clean label products.


A flexible family of solutions

OptiCake® Excel is part of Novozymes’ range of fresh-keeping solutions. Learn more about Novamyl®  and Sensea®  for packaged bread, and Sensea® Wrap  for wheat flour tortillas. 

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