Standardized flour, consistent baking performance

Every day, millers face the challenge of delivering consistent flour quality to ensure high bread baking performance for their customers. 

Fungamyl® can be used to correct flour and deliver the expected end-product characteristics despite wide fluctuations in prices and quality of raw material.

Easier to meet flour specifications 

What if it suddenly became easier for millers to deliver measurably high-quality flours? Some enzymes have low response in the falling number test, making it difficult to meet flour specifications.

Novozymes Fungamyl® Prime is a new fungal α-amylase that consistently reduces the falling number according to dosage, makes it easier to meet flour specifications. Fungamyl® Prime offers the same or better performance as malt flours. It delivers excellent baking performance in various dough-making procedures and types of bread - just like the original Fungamyl®.

 Two solutions for flour correction

Fungamyl® and Fungamyl® Prime are tailored to specific flour correction applications. Talk with your Novozymes representative to find the best solution for your specific process and requirements.

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