Optimal dough strenghtening

Novozymes Lipopan® serves as an alternative to traditionally used ingredients thereby reducing your dependency. It provides the required dough strenghtening for high-quality bakery products while improving dough consistency across flour types for better oven-spring, load volume and a silky white crumb.

Novozymes Lipopan®

Novozymes Lipopan® is a well-known lipase that stabilizes dough and increases tolerance. As a natural processing aid, baking enzymes are the consumer-friendly choice for more natural, healthier baked goods.

A range of solutions for dough strenghtening

Lipopan® is a family with a variety of dough strengthening products, each tailored to specific applications. Talk with your Novozymes representative to find the best solution for your specific needs.

See also Novozymes' solution for freshness, dough conditioning, gluten strenghtening, flour correction, appearance and acrylamide reduction.

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