Improve dough tolerance

Want to improve your high-speed dough processing?

Novozymes Pentopan® is a fungal xylanase that improves dough machinability, dough handling, finished product volume, crumb structure and bloom. Pentopan® can be used for all types of bread and baked products.

Part of the xylanase family

Pentopan® is part of Novozymes’ product range of xylanases. Pentopan® is an all-round fungal xylanase that delivers consistent dough conditioning. It comes in different formulations for a variety of needs.

Novozymes Panzea® is a different family member; it's a bacterial xylanase that works consitently even in flours with high levels of xylanase inhibitors. Talk with your Novozymes representative to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Complete portfolio

Pentopan® is a part of Novozymes' state-of-the-art baking enzyme portfolio for dough conditioning. In addition, Novozymes offers a complete portfolio of baking enzymes to give you improved freshness, dough strenghtening, gluten strenghtening, appealing appearance, flour correction as well as acrylamide reduction

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