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Creating a brand new drink?
Trouble-shooting your process? Optimizing costs?
 Novozymes can help you do it all - even better.

Our toolbox includes a comprehensive range of high-performing enzymes and customized services that let you create new tastes, differentiate your products, optimize your production, achieve consistent quality, and reduce environmental impact.

Bend the boundaries

New trends, new opportunities

Juice, beer, wine, spirits, or completely new kinds of beverages, such as oat drinks – As consumer preferences change, new products arise. That’s happening now, as producers seek to follow consumer preferences for greater health and wellness, and more climate-friendly lifestyles.

That’s breaking down traditional boundaries, even in categories as well established as beer and wine. In this fast-changing landscape, enzymes are invaluable tools to create new tastes, new products, and even new categories.

Application areas

Application areas in Brewing:

  • Liquefaction
  • Raw material flexibility
  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • High-gravity brewing
  • Attenuation
  • Low-alcohol beers
Brewing, distilling, juice or wine with enzymes ǀ Novozymes

Application areas in Distilling:

  • Fermentation enhancement
  • High-gravity fermentation
  • Liquefaction
  • Saccharification
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Application areas in Juice:

  • Apple clarification
  • Apple mash treatment
  • Berry/grape mash clarification
  • Vegetable, tropical and citrus fruit production
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Novozymes Oat 360 is the most comprehensive toolbox to produce oat-based products. We offer:

  • Extensive technical expertise 
  • 360 guidance about raw material, enzymes and production parameters
  • Help to adjust sweetness, mouthfeel and nutritional profile in oat drinks 
  • Support to optimize the production process and save costs  

Application areas in Wine:

  • Extraction: Enhanced color and aroma
  • Clarification: Better quality and faster processing
  • Maturation: Quicker maturation and improved flavor profile
  • Filtration: Reliable and efficient filtration, while preserving quality
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