A fast-growing opportunity

Consumers are moving to healthier foods and cutting down on high-sugar products. At the same time, new taxes are being levied on sugary foods.

Combined, these trends point to a further decline in the soft drink market. 

The oat drink market, however, is growing 30% year over year, and the product is both profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Tap into the growing opportunity in the oat drink market and meet your consumers’ demand.

Jump-starting your oat drink production

Combined with our extensive technical expertise, we can guide you through the entire production process, from raw material to the finished product.

Get the full support package to develop your oat drink and bring it faster to market with Novozymes Oat 360 toolbox . You will access lab facilities for developing your prototype, get recommended enzymes to achieve the desired sensory profile plus top qualified advice on raw materials and processing equipment.

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