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Boom in "free-from" dairy products

Authorities estimate that 65% of all people globally are lactose-intolerant. They need lactose-reduced products to feel comfortable. In addition, many consumers see low-lactose products as healthier. They also want to reduce sugar as well as eat less meat, but still get enough protein.

These trends are combining so that sales of low-lactose dairy are growing faster than other segments of the dairy market worldwide. 

Together, they’re creating a boom in "free-from" dairy products that taste great, are low in sugar and lactose, and high in easy-to-digest protein.

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Novozymes Dairy Lab offers insight into the global dairy industry. Whether you’re an industry newcomer or a seasoned veteran, Novozymes Dairy Lab is designed to keep you informed and inspired with the up-to-date, relevant information to build/grow your dairy business. 

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Cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are increasingly popular worldwide. Staying ahead in the dynamic dairy sector requires the best technology and expertise to remain flexible, efficient, and profitable. Our solutions and expertise can help.
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Novozymes Saphera® is an innovative non-yeast lactase originated from Bifidobacterium bifidum that has advantages over traditional yeast-based lactases. Saphera® has a unique pH and temperature profile, and is highly versatile in production applications. It has fewer side activities and effectively reduces lactose all the way down to 0.01%. With this innovative technology, dairy producers can address both the reduced-sugar trend and the lactose-free trend at the same time.


  • Less added sugar
  • Optimal solution for fermented dairy products 
  • Better control of lactose elimination
  • Cleaner taste
  • Better sweetness control in sweetened dairy products


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Novozymes Saphera® Fiber is a beta-galactosidase that converts lactose (the sugar inherently in milk) into galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) fiber. 

As a conversion of lactose into GOS – and not an added ingredient – the enzyme simultaneously reduces sugar and calories while increasing fiber (fiber generated has the caloric value of 2 kcal/g whereas sugar has 4 kcal/g). This provides innovation opportunities for brands to combine fiber claims in reduced sugar product reformulation.


  • Fiber enrichment and sugar reduction 
  • Same sweetness and sensory experience that consumers expect
  • Cleaner label and natural positioning 
  • Stable and easy-to-handle liquid formulation


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The highest-quality yeast lactase in the market, Lactozym® Pure, is exceptionally pure and accepted for organic production. This purity reduces off-flavors. Both fresh milk and UHT products keep a pure and consistent natural milk flavor. Lactozym® Pure effectively reduces lactose down to 0.1%.


  • Accepted for organic production
  • Exceptional purity reduces off-flavors in fresh milk and UHT products
  • Produce easy-to-digest lactose-free and reduced-sugar dairy products
  • Broad application range, from lactose-free milk to dulce de leche


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Produce partially hydrolyzed baby formula that is low-allergenic, neutral-tasting, and Kosher/Halal certified with Formea®. Novozymes offers two microbial proteases, one trypsin-like and the other chymotrypsin-like. Both eliminate the risk of animal contamination and variation, giving you consistent quality. They can be used separately or together to give you full control.


  • Microbial-based hydrolyzation of proteins – without animal/porcine origin
  • Increased digestibility and reduced allergenicity
  • Gives you full control to develop peptide profiles with unique functionalities


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Novozymes Galaya® Prime is an enzymatic solution for improving the texture of fermented dairy products, enabling replacement of stabilizers and other costly texturizing solutions. The active component of Galaya® Prime is a transglutaminase enzyme which catalyzes the formation of cross-links between lysine (Lys) and glutamine (Gln) amino acids in milk proteins. This contributes to a stronger protein network during yogurt acidification and yields a firmer and more viscous texture with improved water-holding capacity.


  • Cost effective 
  • Label friendly 
  • Easy-to-implement/use liquid formulation
  • Superior quality with high purity 


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