Optimal hydrosylates for your production and product

Dairy proteins deliver complete nutrition. Converting them into hydrolysates with enzymes makes them easier to use in production of a wide variety of final products. 

Novozymes Flavourzyme® lets you achieve the optimal degree of hydrolysis and peptide profile for hydrolysates with the properties you need.

Stable, soluble and more neutral-tasting protein ingredients 

Enzymes let you improve taste with less bitterness, and ensure better process economy and flexibility. 

You can use enzymes to create protein hydrolysates that are very soluble over a broad pH range. Enzymes help casein-based protein ingredients to dissolve more efficiently. Enzymes can ensure that whey proteins are more tolerant to heat during processing.

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Tasty cheese flavors in hours

Intense cheese flavors can be produced from fresh cheese in a matter of hours using Flavourzyme® and other Novozymes enzymes. These flavors are ideal for use in snack foods, ready meals, sauces and crackers. The intensity and type of flavor can be adjusted by changing the enzyme dosage, process time and process conditions.

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