Protein hydrolysates to improve flavor


Healthier, more sustainable, new value streams

Everyone likes cheesy and savory umami flavors. With enzymes, processors can create intense cheese flavors in just hours, or savory protein hydrolysates (plant- or animal-based). Enzymes enable processors to achieve delicious new value stream, and increase the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of processing lines.

Sustainable flavors for people

Global demand for both plant- and animal-based protein is rising. The global market for plant-based protein is estimated to reach USD $14.2 billion by 2022. But consumers expect products to be healthy and appealing. Yeast extracts and eHVP made with enzymes can be applied in savory food products that are great-tasting, low-salt and clean label.

Demand for animal protein is also rising but comes with a high environmental cost. It’s important to use the whole animal - including the low-value co-products like guts, feathers, skin, scales or fish trimmings. Enzymes help convert these into high-value flavour-enhancing ingredients for soups, sauces, ready-made meals or palatants for pet food.

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