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What is saccharification?

During starch refining, the liquefact must be converted – or saccharified – into a high-dextrose sweetener.  With Novozymes, you can lower your cost of conversion, boost dextrose levels and dry solids, and reduce energy costs.

Generate value beyond saccharification 

How can enzymes help?

Saccharification should run smoothly with high dextrose yields and lower reversion rates. But things don’t always go smoothly.
The challenges can include things like fluctuating demand that can cause the time in saccharification to be uneven, making enzyme-dosing inefficient. Or reversion to isomaltose. Or the inability to run at higher dry substance and obtain your DX target.

Novozymes can help you achieve efficient saccharification and high dextrose targets with lower reversion rates and isomaltose. 

Boost dextrose levels and dry solids, cut energy costs

Our solutions for saccharification

Novozymes Extenda® is an unmatched glucoamylase that lowers your cost of conversion. 


  • Raw material savings of up to 3%
  • 18%-20% less water to evaporate
  • Increased seasonal saccharification capacity at 10%-20%
  • Less reversion, longer harvest window


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Dextrozyme® is a glucoamylase blend formulated to deliver a more robust saccharification process through improved pH stability. This enables more consistent dosing. 


  • Improve filtration and pH stability
  • Boost DX levels and dry solid levels 


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