Why +40 wet millers have implemented Frontia® 

Using proven enzymatic technology, Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash enables unprecedented separation efficiency in the corn wet-milling. Mills around the world are achieving their highest-ever starch and gluten outputs, all while significantly improving fiber dewatering. And, they’re reducing their energy, water and natural gas consumption in the process, which is good for their bottom line and the planet. 

Do more with less

Tired of the same old grain millings challenges; untapped starch yield, needless utilities cost, frustrating bottlenecks, rigid planning? 

By adding enzymes to your existing wet milling process, you will squeeze more from your corn. With Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash you get the most from your corn and all your mills.

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Break through existing limits on yield, lower operational costs and improve mill flexibility.


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Boost separation efficiency

Frontia® Fiberwash releases the starch, protein and water trapped deep in corn fibers that are inaccessible through mechanical separation alone.

By boosting separation efficiency, Frontia® Fiberwash lowers your Net Corn Cost and co-product drying costs. It also debottlenecks the equipment that typically limits your grind rates, allowing you to boost grind rates and cut your fixed costs per unit of mill starch.
Test your fiber

Don't leave money in your fiber

With Novozymes proprietary fiber analysis, we’ll provide a tailored estimation of the value you’ll see from increased starch and corn gluten meal yields, based on your current fiber.

Technology that delivers separation efficiency you can actually see

Which value drivers will help you get the most from your corn

  • Boost starch output by 2%
  • Boost gluten meal output by 8%
  • Cut co-product drying energy by 15-25% through better dewatering
  • Cut fiber press and gluten filter electricity consumption Cut fresh water use by 2%
  • Cut fresh water use by 2% as a third bullet
  • Less dewatering equipment needed due to load reduction of 20-30%.
  • Increase time for planned maintenance and repair, defer investments
  • Cut interruptions
  • Remove bottlenecks in dewatering and separation equipment to increase maximum grinding capacity by 5-15%
  • Push 10-20% more Corn Steep Liquor through fiber dryer

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