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Rising raw material costs is prompting the biodiesel industry to look for alternatives that can minimize the dependence on conventional oils like soybean, rapeseed and palm oil that are currently dominating the biodiesel market. 

Eversa® Transform makes it possible to convert secondary oils like fatty acid distillates, DGS corn oil, UCO and animal fats into biodiesel with low capital expenditure by retrofitting a plant.

Read how customers are becoming more sustainable with enzymes 

Since its launch in 2014, Eversa® Transform has helped many different companies achieve their goals. One such company is Oleofat.

Increasing biodiesel mandate: a growing trend 

As the world moves toward a greener future with lesser carbon emissions, governments around the world are mulling new and higher biodiesel blend mandates. The B30 mandate in Indonesia, the B10 mandate in Brazil, Red II directive in Europe and LCSF in California are some examples of policies that will create more demand for biodiesel. 
Payback for biodiesel producers

The freedom to be flexible

Enzymatic biodiesel using Novozymes Eversa® works on a range of feedstocks, so you can always switch to the lowest-cost feedstock.
This enzymatic process offers:
  • Effectively converts both FFA and glycerides
  • Allows you to use all types of feedstocks – low or high in free fatty acids
  • Works at lower temperature, requiring less energy for heating 
  • Eliminates the need for energy to rectify recycled methanol
  • Recovers more than half of methanol surplus with the hydrophilic phase
  • Eliminates the need for sodium methoxide
  • Eliminates the need for sulfuric acid to convert FFA 
  • Requires neither high pressure nor high temperature 

  • Creates glycerin free of salt and soap, allowing technical-grade quality after simple evaporation

Freedom to choose 

Watch this video to know how enzymatic technology gives you the freedom to choose a wide variety of feedstocks and reduce utility costs.
Explore the Novozymes enzymatic biodiesel process

Robust process, real results

The Novozymes enzymatic biodiesel process has been developed in close collaboration between Novozymes’ R&D, leading global process engineering companies and commercial-scale industrial biodiesel producers. This close collaboration has resulted in an efficient and robust process design for enzymatic reaction.

Curious to know more? Download the enzymatic biodiesel handbook  written from the perspective of operators and production engineers for practical information on the enzymatic process.

Why choosing enzymes over chemicals is a great idea

One of the challenges with chemical biodiesel processing is that it requires costly refining or pre-treatment of high FFA feedstocks. Enzymatic technology, on the other hand, enables you to produce high-quality biodiesel from oils with any concentration of FFA from 0-100%. 

Check out this full-size infographic that illustrates the enzymatic biodiesel process.

No FFA level restriction on feedstock for enzymatic biodiesel production


Discover the power of enzymes 

Enzymes are highly specific biotech tools that replace petrochemicals in many areas of industrial production. Watch this short video  to learn how enzymes make a difference.



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