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What is interesterification?

Demand is increasing for products free of trans fats, because these are linked with heart disease. A major source of trans fats is partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), used to manufacture many processed foods.

A special process (interesterification) avoids all trans fats. It uses either chemicals (CIE) or enzymes (EIE) to achieve the desired shelf life, flavor and melting characteristics.

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Greener, cleaner, purer

Enzymes have several benefits over chemical interesterification. Download this handout to know more.
Producing better-quality, free-from-trans-fat products

How can enzymes help ?

The chemicals used in interesterification are strong corrosive bases that require proper handling to avoid danger. EIE (using enzymes for interesterification) is a simple, cost-efficient solution that avoids harsh chemicals and bleaching.

Not only does it avoid trans fats in a way that saves money, reduces waste and reduces by-products, the process also gives high-quality oils with a long shelf life.

Novozymes has developed Lipozyme® TL IM to be used in the process of interesterification.
Read more about the new focus on EIE in light of American FDA regulations.






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How to avoid a heart attack

What are trans fats?

Trans fats are in many processed vegetable shortenings used in baked goods, fried foods and more. They are linked with cardiovascular disease, which is why there is both  increasing consumer demand and governmental regulation to use better-quality, trans fat-free oils.

According to the World Heath Organisation, half a million deaths from heart disease globally could be prevented just by reducing trans fats in our food.
That's important!

Trans fats and food safety

The U.S. FDA calls to reduce trans fats

As health concerns grow, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ruled that after June 18, 2018, food manufacturers will no longer be allowed to add PHOs to their products in most situations. The WHO is calling for new restrictions globally. Europe is also considering new limits.

Manufacturers must comply but still need shortenings with appropriate shelf life, flavor and melting characteristics. Thankfully, Novozymes has an efficient, safe solution.

Read more about EIE and the new FDA regulation on Food Navigator USA. 

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Easy, continuous, cost-effective process

Our solutions for interesterification

Produce high-quality margarines free of trans fats with appropriate shelf life, the correct color and melting properties. This lipase interestifies fat through a simple continuous process.


  • Higher-quality end-product
  • Cost-efficient
  • No chemicals, washing, bleaching or wastewater


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