No trans fats

Cost-efficient process ensures compliance with increasing regulation

We could prevent a half-million deaths from heart disease globally every year by reducing the trans fats in our food, says the World Health Organisation. 

Partially hydrogenated oils, or PHOs, contain trans fats. Regulation to limit the use of PHOs is increasing in the U.S. and globally.

Manufacturers continue to need stable shortenings with the desired shelf life, color and melting properties –
and no trans fats.

Enzymatic interesterification with Novozymes Lipozyme® TL IM provides a simple, efficient and environmentally-friendly way to produce margarines without trans fats, while improving product quality and production yields.


Simple, continuous, cost-effective process 

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Enzymatic Interesterification (EIE)

 Higher quality product, simple cost-efficient process

Novozymes’ enzymatic interesterification process won the prestigious European Lipid Technology Award in 2008 because it offers a safe way to produce high-quality margarines with no trans fats and no chemicals.


Novozymes Lipozyme® TL IM yields higher-quality shortenings with no color changes, low diglycerides, and fewer byproducts.

The enzymatic process eliminates the need for chemicals, washing or post-bleaching. It produces no wastewater.

The simple continuous process involves fewer steps and reduces energy costs. It requires a low initial capital cost for simple reactors. Total variable costs are on par with the alternative process.

Read more about what new U.S. regulations mean for EIE.   


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