What if you could produce more oil without increasing your land usage?

Global demand for vegetable oils is rising, creating exciting opportunities for palm, the most efficient of all oil crops. But increasing pressure on limiting land expansions means simply planting more palm trees is no longer a viable option.

The challenge is to squeeze as much oil as possible out of the palm fruit bunches.

A new era in palm oil milling

To stay ahead of the dynamic palm market, you need the best technology and expertise to become even more efficient and profitable. See for yourself how at Novozymes we’re making a difference in palm oil milling with our enzymatic oil extraction solution.

Take a tour of our state-of-the-art palm lab 

A team of 10+ dedicated scientists research new ways to optimize and quantify the benefits of enzymatic oil extraction. This is where we improve our understanding of your palm oil milling process.

Take a tour of our pilot mill in Malaysia 

At our pilot plant, we replicate your mill’s processes. Our specialists and operators conduct daily trials to improve our understanding of optimal conditions, mass balance flow, oil losses and more. 

Interested in visiting our lab and pilot mill?

How enzymes make an impact in palm

With enzymes, you can produce more with less, increase your byproduct value and improve quality.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are nature’s own tools that have been applied by Novozymes in more than 30 industries for more than 50 years. 

Improved performance, efficiency, market differentiation and greater sustainability are key to moving your business forward. Watch this short video for a quick introduction to enzymes.

More oil from the same fresh fruit bunches

Novozymes Palmora® OER is an enzyme solution for palm oil extraction. A game-changing technology, Palmora® OER is designed to benefit both old and new palm oil mills with minimal retrofits and process changes. Under optimal conditions, it can increase oil extraction rates by at least 0.7%. 

Palmora® OER targets oil losses in press fibers, sludge and decanter cake by increasing cell wall rupture and enables more oil to be released. 

Learn more about our mill results from all over the region and our own pilot mill

A step toward more sustainable palm oil processing

Trend in palm oil industry

Stagnating yields and limitations on land expansions

While demand for vegetable oil keeps growing, palm oil yields have stagnated. At the same time, traditional mechanical tools for oil extraction have reached their limits and pressure on limiting land expansions has intensified. So far, the palm industry has relied on mechanics in the mill, leaving biology to the field. But palm fruit is a biological substrate, and leading producers have now started to realize that it’s time for the next big breakthrough in palm oil milling by bringing industrial biotechnology into their mills. 

Enzymes are biological catalysts that when applied during milling can loosen the oil bearing fiber matrix and facilitate more oil release.

Together we can improve your productivity, profitability and sustainability 

Meet the enzyme experts

Martin Rushworth
Head of palm oil platform

Appointed as the head of palm oil platform in 2015, Martin Rushworth specializes in all enzymatic palm oil applications ranging from upstream to downstream. With more than 40 years of experience, he has held various roles in well-known brands such as Unilever in Africa and Malaysia and Felda Global Malaysia.
Thanendra Sivalingam
Senior Industry Technology Specialist, Novozymes Malaysia

Since 2018, Thanendra Sivalingam has been leading a team of scientists and engineers to determine the most efficient way to extract more oil from your mills – with our enzymatic solutions. A certified Steam Engineer, he has more than 10 years of experience in palm oil mills – mainly in mill operations and management at companies like Tradewinds. He has also worked at Soon Soon Group focusing on soy oil milling, animal feed as well as grain oil milling via cold/hot pressing. 
Achmad Tanwir Masagus 
Industry Technology Specialist, Novozymes Indonesia

Achmad Tanwir Masagus specializes in enhancing palm oil mill extraction efficiency with enzymatic technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in the palm oil industry, having worked with industry leaders such as Cargill, GAMA Group and PT Smart. He spent six years working as an internal auditor in palm oil companies and two years as a mill manager.

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