Flexibility and efficiency

Get more out of raw materials – with less energy

Boost your efficiency and sustainability. It's good for the planet – and for your bottom line.
At Novozymes, we helped U.S. rapeseed oil producers to produce greater yields at a lower cost. We helped African brewers produce the world’s first safe, affordable cassava beer. In Asia, we helped flour producers react quickly to raw material changes.
How can we help you?

Essential for life – and part of life

Let's transform the quality and sustainability of food and beverages to meet the demands of a hungry world. Our innovations help you improve your products and allow you to grow in a sustainable way.

New challenges

Trends and consumer values

The food and beverage industry faces new challenges – and Novozymes is here to help. Are you ready to satisfy a growing middle class, provide more low-sugar options, and increase the diversity of plant-based protein products?