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Looking for ways to add freshness to extend the shelf life of your baked goods? Reduce food waste? Would you like to achieve more consistent baking results - despite changes in flour quality? Want ways to improve dough stability and machinability? Make your production more efficient and sustainable?

Novozymes’ baking enzymes help make it happen.
Baking enzymes

Meet consumer expectations

Market trends show rising demand for healthier foods. Consumers want fewer chemicals, less sugar, less acrylamide and cleaner labels. In baked goods, this can include breads that are gluten-free, organic or made with ancient grains. 

At the same time, consumers want luscious sensory quality. Would your business benefit from new tools to make the taste, texture and appearance of baked goods more sensuous, with improved elasticity, mouthfeel and melting? Better loaf volume, crumb structure, crust color and bloom?

Novozymes’ baking enzymes support you in producing new products that appeal to on-the-go consumers who want it all – easy convenience, healthier-for-you, and delicious.
Freshness enzymes

Stays moist and soft for longer

Our enzymes help extend bread’s freshness and enhance its appearance. And, these natural processing aids can reduce the need for chemicals, helping make baked goods — including breads, cakes and tortillas, to name a few — healthier and longer lasting in the most natural way possible.

Trusted pathway to new opportunities

With unparalleled product safety, quality and traceability, Novozymes is your trusted pathway to new opportunities and growth in the baking industry.

That quality is based on over 68 years of expertise in upscaling enzymes. We pride ourselves on the consistency of our high-quality products, which are all made with the help of renewable energy. And, our production strains are produced under strict, controlled processes that have full traceability. 

From sustainability to your bottom line, we’ve got you covered. Let’s work together to meet your targets and keep your peace of mind.
Novozyme enzymes

Fresh, crisp bread that lasts

Our enzymes help produce fresher, longer-lasting bread and other baked goods with fewer chemicals.

Novozymes Novamyl® helps bread stay fresh longer. This easy-to-use, flexible enzyme maintains freshly-baked crumb softness, elasticity and moistness throughout storage. Consumers give higher scores to bread baked with Novamyl® when it comes to moistness and tenderness.


  • Soft, elastic bread throughout storage
  • Freshness and moistness in packaged bread
  • Easy to use – just add it in. No need for process changes
  • Fresher baked goods enable more operational flexibility – time is gained for more efficient planning, production and distribution


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An aisle in a supermarket with shelves filled with packaged bread

Novozymes Sensea® offers a new delicious eating experience in packaged bread that consumers notice and appreciate. For manufacturers of flour tortillas, Novozymes Sensea® Wrap is an innovative tool for producing tortillas that stay soft and flexible throughout shelf life.


  • Improved overall eating experience, higher sensory scores
  • Stronger dough, higher volumes 
  • Operational ease, reliability and flexibility

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Two women and a man standing in a supermarket looking at shelves of freshly baked bread

Industrial muffins, pound and sponge cakes keep a freshly-baked quality longer with Novozymes OptiCake®. This unique enzymatic product excels at slowing down the staling process in high-sugar cakes.


  • Soft, moist cakes with superior texture - even after months of storage
  • Higher volumes, better shape, better crumb
  • Higher consumer preference
  • More operational flexibility in cake production and distribution


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An industrial bakery with a man in the foreground pouring flour out of a bag

Novozymes Acrylaway® cuts acrylamide in a wide variety of baked goods by up to 90%.

That’s good news for food manufacturers who are focused on food safety. Both the WHO and FDA warn of acrylamide as a possible carcinogen. The EU has gone a step further and toughened reporting requirements for manufacturers about acrylamide.

  • Significant acrylamide reduction
  • Same great taste and appearance
  • Easy to use in most applications


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Piles of freshly baked crusty baguette

Novozymes Lipopan® provides the necessary dough-strengthening for high-volume, high-quality bread. It reduces the need for some emulsifiers at a similar performance. As natural processing aids, enzymes support the general consumer trend toward greener, more sustainable products and clean labels.


  • Improved volume and crumb structure
  • Naturally effective on flour lipids 
  • Lipases can reduce the need for emulsifiers

Organic labelling

Novozymes offers a range of baking enzymes that support production of organic baked goods with enticing sensory appeal. 

This range of Novozymes enzymes lets producers achieve high-quality baked goods while building new claims in the growing organic space.

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