Healthy baking

Crispy, moist, oven-fresh bread all day

Bread is at its best when it smells, feels, and tastes like it’s fresh out of the oven. With our enzymes, you can extend that freshness, enhance appearance, and provide a fine, elastic crumb structure.

We can even help improve moisture retention, ensuring the good feeling of freshly-baked bread.

Meet the expert

Ancient grains make a comeback

Ancient grains, like spelt, are some of the hottest trends in the bread business right now.

Enzymes make a big difference when it comes to the volume, elasticity, and freshness of bread made with ancient grains, says Novozymes’ Dr. Sven Schönenberg.

Enzymes have an even greater impact on ancient grains than on white pan bread when it comes to softness, moisture and tenderness.

Novozyme enzymes

Fresh, crisp bread that lasts

Our enzymes help produce fresher, longer-lasting bread and other baked goods with fewer chemicals.

Novozymes Novamyl® helps bread stay fresh longer, which is especially great for sliced and packaged bread. This easy-to-use, flexible enzyme maintains freshly-baked crumb elasticity and bread moistness. Consumers give bread baked with Novamyl® higher scores when it comes to moistness and tenderness.


  • Soft, elastic bread throughout storage
  • Freshness and moistness for packaged bread
  • Easy to use – pour it in to get the benefits. No need for process changes

Novozymes Lipopan®’s dough-strengthening effects makes for high-volume, high-quality bread and reduce the need for traditional emulsifiers. A single kilo of Lipopan® can provide the same benefits as 1000 kilos of emulsifiers. That helps produce greener, more sustainable products.

Positive combination effects can be achieved when Lipopan® is used together with other enzymes like amylases and xylanases.


  • Improved volume and crumb structure
  • Naturally effective on flour lipids – substituting emulsifier benefits
  • Natural choice supporting the demand for clean labels


Novozymes Fungamyl® can consistently standardize flour quality and baking performance in flour with low cereal alpha-amylase activity. This helps mills and bakery ingredient companies upgrade flour to create increased loaf volume, uniform crumb structure and optimal crust color in the final bread.


  • Greater bread volume
  • Improved crust color. Baked goods with an attractive brown crust
  • Fine and uniform crumb structure
  • Correct baking properties, even for flour with a high falling number

This xylanase delivers superior bread volume, appearance and texture. Novozymes Panzea® delivers efficient, versatile performance for diverse baked good products and limits the need to have a different xylanase for each baking need. It is easy to formulate into flours, improvers and premixes.


  • Superior baked good volume
  • Better bread appearance and bread texture
  • Dry, stable dough for better processability
  • High tolerance for flour and process variationS

Strengthen the gluten in your baked goods with this glucose oxidase, which helps improve dough properties and flour consistency. Novozymes Gluzyme® increases dough handling and ensures amazing artisinal bloom and shape when it comes to the final baked good – especially in weak flour.


  • Dry dough for optimal handling and processing
  • Great shape and bloom of final product
  • Reduction of ingredients like oxidants, ascorbic acids and vital wheat gluten


Novozymes Acrylaway® cuts down on acrylamide content in baked goods and other foods by up to 90%.

That’s good news for food manufacturers and consumers who are focused on food safety. Both the EU and the USFDA warn of acrylamide’s possible carcinogenic effects.

  • Significant acrylamide reduction
  • Same great taste and appearance