Broadest range of applications

Not all enzymes are alike. Novozymes' Acrylaway® is particularly robust. 

Award-winning Acrylaway® works effectively at the broadest range of applications, offering solutions for baked goods and plant, fruits and vegetables. This includes potato-based snacks, coffee, French fries  and more. 

With a unique pH and temperature range, Acrylaway® offers producers the greatest degree of flexibility and consistent results.

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Healthy Baking

Reduce acrylamide content in baked goods

Novozymes' Acrylaway® enzymes cut down on acrylamide content in baked goods and other foods by up to 95%.

That’s good news for food manufacturers and consumers who are focused on food safety. Both the EU and the USFDA warn of acrylamide’s possible carcinogenic effects.

For consumers, this means the same delicious taste, texture, flavor and smell. Our Acrylaway® enzymes are a natural solution to healthier baking - with less acrylamide.

But what does it mean for producers? 

What is acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a suspected carcinogen that forms naturally in food during frying, baking or extrusion at high heat and low moisture.

The Maillard reaction creates the golden crust color and delicious flavor of baked goods and roasted coffee. But the Maillard reaction is also when an amino acid is converted into acrylamide.

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Your solution for acrylamide reduction in baked goods

Both the EU and the USFDA warn of acrylamide’s possible carcinogenic effects. Acrylaway® enzymes are a natural solution to healthier baked products - with less acrylamide.  


Significant reduction of acrylamide in baked goods
No difference in taste, texture or appearance of the final products 
Easy to implement


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Cut down on acrylamide content

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Acrylamide and food safety

Increasing regulation globally

To comply with increasing regulation and protect their brands, many food manufacturers are looking to reduce the acrylamide levels in their products.

New tougher EU requirements to reduce acrylamide and additional scrutiny from regulatory authorities around the globe are driving companies to take measures to reassure consumers that they care about their health and safety.

Learn more about the new EU regulation that went into effect April 11, 2018, and what you can do about it .

Tests using Novozymes Acrylaway® enzymes at independent institutes and in Novozymes' laboratories have indicated significant reductions in acrylamide levels.


Food product

Acrylamide reduction

Cookies and bisquits 50-90%
Crackers 75-85%
Crisp bread and toasted bread 50-90%
Dough based snacks Up to 95%
Pelleted snacks Up to 95%
Coffee Over 60%
French fries  Up to 50%

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