Add an extra dimension to freshness

Consumers today have high expectations for quality when it comes to the texture of bread. Novozymes Novamyl® 3D is a powerful anti-staling baking freshness enzyme that improves not only crumb softness and elasticity but also moistness during storage. This is how you make a difference that consumers can taste and will appreciate, while at the same time helping to avoid food waste

How do consumers judge bread?

At Novozymes we’ve identified three important parameters: softness, elasticity, and moistness. 

Learn in this video how we can help you unlock these three dimensions of freshness, and differentiate your products for consumers.

Use in many different bread types

Novamyl® 3D can be used in bread, buns, rolls and lean sweet baked goods in both the artisanal and packaged/industrial segments. On top of that, Novamyl® 3D allows you to deliver a bread with better moistness, mouthfeel and tenderness. 

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