Reducing costs

Less added sugar in bread

Sandwich type breads with a high sugar content such as hamburger buns, rolls and baguettes are the most popular and broadly produced of all the bread types. 

Yet, with sugar an expensive raw ingredient in some markets, sugar taxes on the rise and an increased consumer demand for low sugar products, bakers need a way to add less sugar in their breads. 

Novozymes’ enzymatic solution reduces up to 50% of added sugar in bread, saving you up to 20% on your sugar costs.

The only solution

Reduce costs, not quality

If you’ve tried to reduce sugar from your baking processes before, you’ll be aware that the quality of the final product is negatively affected. There can be a lessened golden-brown coloration and a slower or decreased rise. The dough is also less soft and the shelf life shortened.

But, with this new enzymatic solution you can reduce added sugar in bread, without sacrificing quality.

How effective is our solution?

Industrial-scale trials have shown our enzymes effectively reduce up to 50% of added sugar in high sugar breads, and fully replaces sugar in low sugar breads.

Until now, reducing added sugar in bread has resulted in reduced quality. With our innovative solution you can see the following: 

  • Full or partial reduction of added sugar
  • Up to 20% reduction of sugar costs
  • Intensive and attractive crust color
  • Good bread volume, fine crumb structure
  • Identical or better sensorial characteristics of bread
  • Appeal to health-conscious consumers


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Tests using Novozymes’ solution show partial added sugar reduction in sandwich bread containing 6-12% added sugar, and full added sugar reduction in sandwich bread containing 2-5% added sugar.

Bread type

Added Sugar Reduction

White open top pan bread Up to 50%
Fino bread Up to 50%
White open top pan bread of varying added sugar dosages Up to 50%
Hamburger buns Up to 50%
Baquettes Up to 100%

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The end of added sugar?

The party is coming to an end for added sugar. Not only is it expensive in many regions, but governments across the globe are cracking down on its use in food and beverage manufacturing.  

Currently 28 countries have heavy levies on products with a high sugar content in a bid to tackle growing obesity and health problems. And the number looks set to increase.

The markets are already reacting by launching products with less added sugar. But until now bread manufactures have been unable to reduce added sugar in bread. 

Learn more about the only solution on the market that can help you reduce added sugar in bread, while keeping the same quality. 

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