Cut your sugar costs by up to 20%

To reduce the amount of added sugar, enzymes can offer a solution.

Novozymes, the world leader in industrial enzyme research and development, offers a new enzymatic solution that lets bakeries reduce added sugar and get the same quality. It represents significant cost-saving – up to 20% less spend on sugar. 

With this new enzyme solution, you can partially or fully reduce added sugar depending on the initial sugar content of the bread.

Less added sugar lets bakeries address new regulation

A global consumer trend across food categories is to reduce added sugar. This is gradually translating into increased regulation. The latest example is the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), which is now drafting a new regulation that makes new requirements on labelling and limits the amount of added sugar in food products. 

In the draft version, the regulation limits added sugar in bread, for example, to a maximum of 1.2g added sugar per 100g product.


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