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Following a treasured recipe? Creating a brand-new drink? Novozymes can help you do it all - even better.

Our toolbox includes a comprehensive range of high-performing enzymes and customized services that support you in maintaining product quality, processes, and raw material use.
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Local beers from local grains

Many developing countries are keen to use locally-grown grains for brewing instead of importing raw materials.

In Sub Saharan Africa and in Latin America, affordably-priced beers made from local grains that trace their ancestry to ancient kings are particularly popular, says Claudio Visigalli, a key account manager at Novozymes and a frequent traveler to Africa.

Brewing with local grains also supports nearby farmers and the local economy, Claudio adds. But it’s can be a challenge for brewers to optimize these grains in order to deliver a consistent product to consumers. That’s where Novozymes products like Ceremix Flex® ,Termamyl®, Attenuzyme®, and Ondea Pro® come in.
Our enzymes help brewers make more consistent products with local raw materials. This cuts down on transport and helps local farmers. Cutting down on transport means less use of CO2, which helps both big and small brewing companies meet their sustainability goals. “Using local grains is good for the environment, and consumers really enjoy relaxing with a beer that reflects their local roots,” Claudio says.
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Quality plus profitability

Something good is brewing

Brewers are challenged to produce great-tasting beer, optimize production, and pursue growth. How is it possible to do all three at the same time? Our solutions help you balance profitability with sustainability and consistently high quality.
Innovative brewing

Get ahead in the beer business

To stay ahead in the constantly-changing brewing business, you need the best technology and the latest expertise. Novozymes products give you more flexibility, efficiency, and profitability.

This family of heat-stable amylases offers easy and consistent liquefaction at high temperatures, preserving the full malt enzyme potential for the main mashing process. It offers faster viscosity break through boosted liquefaction power without the risk of negative process or quality impacts through retrograded starch.


  • Higher extract yield
  • Shorter cereal cooking cycles
  • Greater flexibility to change adjunct ratios
  • Reduced risk of haze in final beer
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Cut operational costs and increase yield, quality and process efficiency, compared to standard barley solutions. Novozymes Ondea Pro lets you use barley of various grades, levelling out differences in barley quality to increase raw material flexibility. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by using local raw materials.


  • Raw material cost savings
  • Consistent beer taste and quality
  • High extract yield and process efficiency
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Reduce beer and wort viscosity with Novozymes Ultraflo®. This helps to boost brew house efficiency, increase extract yields, achieve a faster filtration, and minimize process fluctuations. Enjoy optimal and consistent mash separation and longer beer filtration cycles with any malt quality, even with recipes that are high in barley.

Benefits of Ultraflo®

  • Minimal fluctuation in the brewing process
  • Consistently fast wort separation
  • High-gravity brewing
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Tightly control wort attenuation regardless of fluctuations in raw material quality or brew house performance with Novozymes Attenuzyme saccharification enzymes. The Attenuzyme range can also cost-effectively produce light or low-calorie beers.


  • Can shorten mashing time and lower enzyme dosage
  • Produces highly-attenuated wort for light and low-calorie beers
  • Consistently controls attenuation, regardless of raw material variability or process functions
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Novozymes Maturex makes it easier to cope with seasonal fluctuations in beer sales, helps with higher capacity utilization and allows for lower energy consumption. Reduce maturation time by 2-14 days and avoid the formation of diacetyl off-flavors in beer with Maturex.


  • Prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in beer
  • Shorter maturation time leading up to higher-capacity utilization
  • Leaner process conditions for low-alcohol beers
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Diverse beverage production

Beyond Beer: Distilling, Juice and Wine

Optimal raw material uses and product innovation isn’t just for beer. Novozymes helps improve processes and margins in other beverage categories, too.

Get more out of raw materials, cut costs and boost your competitive edge with Novozymes’ distilling solutions. Our enzymes can increase operation efficiency and improve product quality.

Application areas

  • Fermentation enhancement
  • High-gravity fermentation
  • Liquefaction
  • Saccharification
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Squeeze more juice out of your apples, pears, grapes and berries and remove haze-causing substances from juice with help from Novozymes solutions. Our enzymes can increase juice yield, enhance color and optimize your process capacity.

Application areas:

  • Apple clarification
  • Apple mash treatment
  • Berry/grape mash clarification
  • Vegetable, tropical and citrus fruit production
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Shorten processing time, reduce mechanical action, and produce wine with a better overall flavor profile with help from Novozymes wine enzymes. Whether you are making premium red or white or working with varying grape quality, our solutions improve ease of processing, cut manufacturing costs, and ensure higher-quality wine.

Application areas

  • Extraction: Enhanced color and aroma
  • Clarification: Better quality and faster processing
  • Maturation: Quicker maturation and improved flavor profile
  • Filtration: Reliable and efficient filtration, while preserving quality
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