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Milk consumer trends

Health-conscious consumers demand “free-from” products that don’t compromise on taste, convenience or price. They also want labels with fewer ingredients.

Enzymes help make this possible by enabling greater efficiency and innovation.
Nutrition solutions

Dairy products for a 24-hour world

Cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are increasingly popular worldwide. Staying ahead in the dynamic dairy sector requires the best technology and expertise to remain flexible, efficient, and profitable. Our solutions and expertise can help.

Get the versatility to create high-quality, lactose-free products with Novozymes Saphera, an innovative lactase that also lets you reduce the amount of added sugars while still achieving the same sweet taste. Saphera is extremely versatile and can be used for yogurt, better than conventional yeast-based lactases, but it also works well with other fermented milk products, milk drinks, and ice cream.


  • Better control of lactose elimination
  • Stable level of sweetness and taste during product’s shelf life – less risk of off-flavors
  • Opportunity for cleaner, more attractive product labels
Little girl holding up her glass of milk

This highly purified, concentrated product for the production of low-allergenic infant formula is not animal-based. This makes Novozymes Formea suitable for kosher and halal customers. Differentiate yourself in your market and keep up with consumer trends with this clean-label approach to infant formula.


  • Reliable, predictable results and consistently high quality
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Non-animal sourcing eliminates any risk of animal virus contamination
  • Highly specific mode of action compared to common proteases.
Mother feeding her baby with a bottle of milk