Want less bitter hydrosylates?

No matter if you are making baby formula, drinks for sports-nutrition or weight-reduction, or other hydrolyzed dairy products, you can use enzymes to develop stable, soluble, better-tasting protein ingredients with lower allergenicity.
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How can enzymes help?

Converting dairy proteins into hydrolysates makes them easier to use as ingredients. But it also makes them more bitter-tasting, due to the formation of low-molecular-weight peptides composed of mainly hydrophobic amino acids. Novozymes can supply proteases that produce better-tasting hydrolysates. 

With a toolbox of the right proteases, dairy producers can tailor-make hydrolysates with the desired solubility, heat stability, soft texture, neutral taste and rapid digestive absorption. This can be used to make processing more efficient, and give the end-products the correct characteristics. 

Using enzymes to hydrolyze proteins reduces their potential allergenicity. This is useful in a number of applications, for example to address the problem of milk allergy, which is one of the most common food allergies in children.

Boost dextrose levels and dry solids, cut energy costs

Our solutions for dairy protein hydrolysates

Baby formula that is low-allergenic, neutral-tasting, and Kosher/Halal certified - For production of low-allergenic partially hydrolyzed infant formula, Novozymes offers two microbial proteases, one trypsin-like and the other chymotrypsin-like. Both eliminate the risk of animal contamination and variation, giving you consistent quality. They can be used separately or together to give you full control.


  • Microbial-based hydrolyzation of proteins – without animal/porcine origin
  • Increased digestibility and reduced allergenicity
  • Full control to develop peptide profiles with unique functionalities


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Create tasty cheese flavors in hours - Intense cheese flavors can be produced from fresh cheese in a matter of hours, ideal for use in snack foods, ready meals, sauces and crackers.


  • Stable and soluble dairy protein
  • Less bitterness
  • Better processing, more profit


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