An exceptionally pure yeast lactase for organic production

Lactozyme® Pure is unique. It’s an extremely pure yeast lactase accepted for production of organic products. 

Lactozym® Pure is exceptionally pure. This purity reduces off-flavors, and lets both fresh milk and UHT products keep a pure and consistent natural milk flavor during storage.

Sensory tests have shown that UHT milk treated with Lactozym® Pure preserves its flavor profile after four months of storage at ambient temperature. In contrast, UHT milk produced with another yeast lactase showed a measurable increase in phenolic flavors. 
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Lactozyme® Pure offers multiple opportunities for new claims and more attractive product labels. As an extremely pure yeast lactase accepted for production of organic products, it’s unique. 

There’s no question that “organic” claims are rising in popularity. For example, penetration of “organic” claims in European food and drink launches reached 15% of the total in 2017, having roughly tripled since 2007, according to Mintel. 

Lactose-free products are also rising in popularity, as they are often perceived to be a healthier alternative. In addition, lactases are classified as processing aids that do not appear on the product label in most markets. 

So there are a number of ways that Lactozyme® Pure supports cleaner labels and new claims. 

Broad application range

Lactozym® Pure can be used in a wide range of dairy products, including fresh and UHT milk, milk drinks, cream, dulce de leche and more. 

In ice cream, Lactozym® Pure reduces or eliminates the formation of lactose crystals, leading to a smoother, more desirable mouthfeel.

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