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With Novozymes Saphera®, dairy producers can address both the sugar-reduced trend and the easy-to-digest lactose-free trend at the same time. Saphera® is an optimal solution for reducing added sugar in a wide range of dairy products by naturally enhancing sweetness.

The next-generation lactase

Saphera® is an innovative non-yeast lactase originated from Bifidobacterium bifidum that has important advantages over traditional yeast-based lactases. Saphera® has a unique pH and temperature profile, and is highly versatile in production applications. It has fewer side activities. It reaches a low-lactose level faster than competitive products. It effectively reduces lactose all the way down to 0.01%.

Saphera® doesn’t require any process modification. The technology has no impact on the taste and texture of the final product. The cost of the enzyme is close to the cost saving on added sugar. Finally, in most markets, Saphera® is classified as a processing aid that doesn’t appear on the final product label..

Both fermented and non-fermented dairy applications

Because of its unique pH and temperature profile, Saphera® is the optimal solution for production of low-lactose fermented milk products such as yogurt, cultured beverages and cream cheese. It functions equally well in production of lactose-free non-fermented milk products such as milk drinks, UHT milk, ice cream, etc.
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Less sugar, same sweetness

Saphera® converts lactose into glucose and galactose, two sugars that are easily digestible and have a higher relative sweetness than lactose. This means producers can add less sugar to achieve the same degree of sweetness. 

•  Enables less added sugar dairy products
•  Better control of lactose elimination
•  Cleaner taste 
•  Optimal solution for fermented dairy products  

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