Consumer trends demand change

Around the world, consumers are interested in getting more fiber in their diet and are increasingly looking for dairy products containing less sugar. Novozymes’ recent survey asked respondents about their consumption habits with regards to milk, yogurt and cheese and about their perception of fiber in dairy.

The fiber opportunity in fiber

Novozymes Saphera® Fiber is a beta-galactosidase that converts lactose into galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) fiber. 

As a conversion of lactose into GOS – and not an added ingredient – the enzyme simultaneously reduces sugar and calories while increasing fiber (fiber generated has the caloric value of 2 kcal/g whereas sugar has 4 kcal/g). This provides innovation opportunities for brands such as: 

Fiber enrichment and sugar reduction
Same sweetness and sensory experience that consumers expect
Cleaner label and natural positioning 
Stable and easy-to-handle liquid formulation

Want to learn more about how to replace sugar with dietary fiber in dairy products without losing their sweetness? 

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