Pet food: Good for my dog and the planet 

Pet food: Good for my dog and the planet 

Rising sales of pet food - faster growth than food for humans

Global pet food sales reached about U.S. $91.1 billion in 2018, according to Euromonitor International, representing a 6 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) since 2013 and 31% overall growth for the period.

To put this growth in perspective, sales of pet food rose faster than sales of human packaged foods (23% growth), fresh food for humans (16%) and home care (23%) for the same period.

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Protein hydrolysates for pet food

Production of animal digest for pet food requires efficient liquification of meat and organ coproducts, and a final product palatable to animals (and their owners).  

Protein hydrolysates are a valuable pet food ingredient that can be sprayed on the outside of the extruded dry kibble to enhance flavors and palatability, or used inside the kibble to improve taste, or used directly in wet pet foods as an overall flavor system.

Faster processing of animal co-products, high-quality protein hydrolysate

Protease enzymes from Novozymes are so efficient that manufacturers can eliminate the step of mechanical liquefaction. Emulsification of meat and organs with enzymes alone saves a process step and allows more efficient handling of raw materials.

The proteases produce a liquid protein hydrolysate that is easy to process and brings greater control to the production line. It can be used to improve quality to all types of pet food.

Less bitterness, more savory flavor

Light hydrolysis often results in formation of bitter off-taste. Protease enzymes from Novozymes help reduce bitterness and increase the savory flavor that pets love.

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Enzymes can boost the performance of your pet food palatants

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