Produce gelatin and collagen with enzymes

Produce gelatin and collagen with enzymes

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Up to 80% less time for soaking and liming

Enzymes offer clear advantages during several phases of gelatin production. With enzymes, you can reduce soaking and liming times by up to 80%, reducing costs and increasing capacity. Enzymes offer superior bone-cleaning, improving the quality of raw materials. Yields of gelatine are higher.

Because of the specificity of enzyme action, enzymes offer a controlled process for modification of gelatin characteristics, such as bloom strength.  Enzymes provide gelatin hydrolysates with low ash content and, unlike acid or alkaline hydrolysis, biologically active amino acids. 

Maximize yield and quality of gelatine and collagen

The quality of raw materials affects gelatin and collagen production. Because the enzymatic process cleans raw material more thoroughly and offers better process control, manufacturers gain superior quality. 

Enzymes increase yields by penetrating raw materials more deeply and efficiently. Such products have better gelling properties, low ash content and contain amino acids and peptides sought for human health. This makes them attractive for pharmaceutical and nutritional use.

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