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Demand for high protein foods in the U.S. has grown significantly in the last decade, in part due to the health benefits associated with a high protein diet.

It has put pressure on food manufacturers, says Dr. Cynthia Machado, Technical Services Senior Scientist at Novozymes. Cynthia, who previously worked at General Mills Inc. in product development, notes that companies must now develop products with high protein content (20-30 g/serving) and superior organoleptic qualities.

The challenge, she says, is that high protein content can negatively affect texture and taste. And so, to compensate, product developers use ingredients like gums and flavor maskers. Enzymes, however, are natural processing aids that can modify proteins, enabling improved viscosity, solubility and enhanced savory flavors.
Enzymes help you obtain the ideal properties from raw materials, such as plant proteins, and incorporate them into high-quality finished products that are easy to absorb and taste great.

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