Enzymes in starch processing

The ideal catalysts

Reaction efficiency, specific action, and the ability to work under many conditions all make enzymes the ideal catalysts for the starch-processing industry. Produced from nature’s own microorganisms, enzymes are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Meet the expert

A new star in the starch sector

In starch processing, competition is high and margins are challenged so every process improvement counts. Novozymes Frontia® for separation is the latest addition to our starch processing portfolio. It can make a real difference to a plant's efficiency and yields, says Oscar Pastor Ferrer, Novozymes Senior Industry Technology Specialist. It takes the best enzymatic technologies and the best technical expertise to get the most out of your raw materials. Implementation is key to getting the most from enzymatic technologies like Frontia®. That’s why our technical experts are on the ground in starch plants all over the world every day, helping to make them even more efficient and profitable.

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Product range

Reach your plant’s maximum potential

Boost productivity, extract added value and create new value streams. We offer the technical and commercial support that can help you identify the right enzyme to run a trial. Let’s start working together.


Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash allows you to get the most from your corn and all your mills by combining mechanical milling with enzymatic corn separation.


  • Increase your starch output by more than 2%
  • Increase your gluten meal output by more than 8%
  • Cut your drying costs by more than 20%
  • Cut your dewatering equipment load by 20-30%
  • Boost your grinding capacity by 10%


Novozymes LpHera® is an alpha-amylase that allows you to cut your pH chemicals by 50%. With LpHera®, you can draw a better line from liquefaction to your lowest possible total cost of conversion.


  • Cut pH chemical usage by more than 50%
  • High fructose syrup producers can also cut energy and water usage by 7%
  • Crystalline dextrose producers can drive crystallization yields by up to 0.6% points
  • Fermentation products producers can also drive higher fermentation yields


Novozymes Extenda® is an unmatched glucoamylase blend that offers a range of options to cut your starch conversion costs, so you can draw a better line to your plant’s sweet spot.


  • Achieves value beyond saccharification
  • More DP1, less DP2 especially isomaltose than any other glucoamylase
  • Lower cost of conversion than ever before for ultra-high purity sweeteners

Maltose production 

Novozymes Secura® is a beta-amylase for maltose production that offers temperature stability and higher, more consistent enzyme activity than plant-based alternatives. The result is simpler starch processing and the lowest cost of conversion.

Using Secura® in combination with LpHera® allows you to run at a lower pH from liquefaction to saccharification. This means you can save on chemicals that would have been used for pH adjustment.


  • Lower risk of infections
  • Lower energy and chemical costs
  • Simpler, more consistent dosing and processing: No need for constant monitoring
  • Easier transport and handling
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Novozymes Sweetzyme® is a glucose isomerase that makes your isomerization process faster, more efficient and more consistent.


  • Cuts conversion costs
  • Offers high productivity with a long column lifespan
  • Achieves a high average flow rate
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Lyso-phospholipids reduce the filterability of wheat starch syrups, especially when RVFs are applied. Novozymes Finizym® W is a lysophospholipase that boosts filtration rates.


  • Higher filtration rates on rotary vacuum filters
  • Higher permeate flux of membranes used for ultrafiltration or microfiltration of maltose syrup
  • Improved clarity of filtrates
  • Low generation of dextrose
  • Sugar profile maintained due to low glucoamylase side activity
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Speciality production

The sweeter way to good health

Fructo-oligosaccharides are sweeteners extracted from a range of fruits and vegetables and from certain grains, including wheat. They may also have a prebiotic effect, supporting the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut. With our enzymatic solutions, production of fructo-oligosaccharides is faster and more cost-effective. We also provide solutions to help in production of cyclodextrins for the food industry.